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March 17 2016


Benefits Of Build A Vape Rather than Buying Parts Individually

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Customize A Vape

Vaping is maintaining growth in popularity and, for many people, moving away from e-cigarettes to a custom vape happens for a better vaping experience. With custom vape mods you'll be able to tailor your experience specifically to your wants. To get the best custom vape possible, choosing individual components to suit your needs is important (which explains why mod vape kits aren’t always your best option).

Buying parts individually may cause problems, especially if you haven't ever built your own custom vape before. It may get expensive adding parts together and there is even a chance nothing things are all compatible. That’s why we come up with Build A Vape builder.

With Create a Vape you are able to build your own vape starter kits and find custom vape mods for sale you will get to choose from. Here are some of the benefits of using Build A Vape for your upcoming vaporizer:

You Get To See Everything While you Build It

One significant problem with buying parts individually in the past is they might look nice by themselves, but the styles could clash whenever you put them together. If you build your own vape, it is possible to see every single component because you create it in our unique visual builder. With countless different styles to choose from, from custom vape tanks to different batteries and drip tips, you possibly can make sure your vape looks good while you make it.

Build A Vape

Save Money As You Create A Vape

Not only do you get yourself a great looking vape when you use Create a Vape, you save money concurrently. By bundling multiple products together, it is possible to create mod vape kits that lessen the price of individual pieces. This provides you the convenience of having a mod that suits your vape style as well as while being extremely affordable at the same time.

Everything Works Together

There is a constant have to worry about components bust together when you create a custom vape at Buildevape. From choosing custom vape tanks to batteries, tips, causing all of your vape pen juice and accessories, our builder is made so that only compatible components are displayed. If you live buying a gift for someone you can rest easy knowing that the custom vape you build will work.

If you want someone to have custom vape mods as a gift but want them to offer the unique experience of building their unique vaporizer, we also offer gift cards that can be given as a present instead.

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